He even has the math to back it up.

I literally paused the show when I heard this. Notice even though Dad is always being slow an shit he be dropping hot knowledge straight off the waffle iron. Notice that math though, son. That shit is 99.9 percent accurate too like he sprayed Lysol on the track after he shitted on em. This show deep as shit b.


Sunrise partners with The RightStuf to release the Gundam Franchise!




HUGE NEWS out of NYCC! The RightStuf has now partnered with Sunrise to become the official distributor of the Gundam Franchise in North America! The company will release the first Mobile Suit Gundam television series and the Turn A Gundam anime series next spring, with ZZ Gundam also confirmed for a future release! Hopefully more details will be released soon, but for now this is very exciting news!